Sunday, 21 December 2014


I came across this jewelry brand called Her. And ever since we have started MELU, I've become a big fan of supporting not only local ingredients, but local businesses as well. I had the pleasure to meet Her's founder, Kelsi Sheren, and she has such an unexpected background. She was in the Military and even went to Afghanistan ! I imagined her to be some kind of over-the-top artsy looking lady, dressed with blingblings everywhere. But she's such a down-to-earth humble girl, young and petite. And you can tell her Military past by looking at her and speaking to her. Her jewelry collection is inspired by life experiences specifically to women; hence the name Her. 

Her's Gunner Collection, especially, is inspired by her very own military background. Personally, I also find it to be the most unique of all. All the Gunner Collection pieces has been hand crafted with actual fired brass casings used by the military. What's more, with each sale from the Gunner Collection, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Wounded Warriors Canada. 

Isn't it cool ? It makes a great gift too, especially to those who collects bullets/brass. It pairs well with more masculine outfits, such as the one I wore below, a faux leather T-shirt. It's very casual, with cotton sleeves and back. I normally wear this top with black shorts, black boots, black everything. A little too dark. So this golden brass really pops.  Instead of my usual spikes as my statement necklace, this one brings out more individuality indeed. 

I also like to match a very masculine piece with a very feminine outfit. Just like I like to wear a leather jacket over a very feminine dress. This combination doesn't make your outfit look too princessy and you too girly, unless that's the look you wish to go for. So I wore this brass with a very feminine and romantic silk blouse. The silk makes it very soft and flowy, a big contrast with the strong and hard neck piece. I believe this combo provides a good dimension to your look. 

I also got one pedant from the Stone Collection. I've always known these types of stones have some sort of healing effect. This one is supposed to help you absorb negativity and feel more radiant. To be honest, I'm not sure exactly how effective these stone works, but by wearing something that's known to make you more positive and happy, will automatically add to your self-fulfilling prophecy, and you will gradually feel the way it conveys. It's similar to those bracelets or necklaces that has a quote or meaningful message written on it, these things work in their own magical ways. 

The City Collection is my favorite and I've been wearing it so frequently. Just like its name suggests, it was made to help you go from work to dinner to late night parties - an everyday wear. I love how it's very clean and simple, but delicate in details.

It looks so nice with my wall paper and room decors, haha. I meant to decorate my room in a French Country style with a little rustic and vintage look to it. The necklace seems to fit in well. 


Due to the season, I've been wearing it over thick sweaters, and because of its length, it seems to make great sweater necklace as well :D 

Now Her. is offering a pre-holiday sale !! If you enter the discount code Babieangie15 you will get a 15% off !! Go check out now :) 

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