Tuesday, 23 December 2014

My P&G Sampling Party

Age and independence really play a party in this - I used to know nothing about the house chores. I had no idea what a detergent is, what's the difference between that and a softener. I had no idea how to pick a dish washer, and very rarely cleaned the house. I lived in a studio while studying at Stanford, that's when I realized I'm actually a clean/neat freak just like my mother ! 

After moving back to Vancouver, our house is much bigger than my school studio, and it takes sooo much time and effort to do a complete cleaning of the entire house. I do this about once a week - First I tidy up the house, dust all the furniture, vacuum the floor and carpet, then use the wet sweeper to mop the entire space again. Do laundry, fold the clothes, and if I have time, I'll use magic eraser to clean off all the black tennis ball marks left on the white walls from playing fetch with Coco. 

So tiring right. I am already tired typing these. I didn't notice before, but after I got the sampling boxes from P&G, I realized my life has been surrounded by P&G products. From Pantene shampoo, condition, to Tide detergent, softener, to Swiffer sweeper, to febreze, to Crest tooth paste, to Venus razor, to Bounty kitchen towels, to Always pads wtf, to Duracell batteries, and all the way to using Pepto to reduce my asian glow when I drink. OMG. All of these are P&G products! I seriously should become their VIP consumer and receive a billion more sample boxes, I'm not even kidding. But on the other hand, now that I care about these household stuff more than fashion (aunty mindset), I am thankful for P&G for providing me all these wonderful stuff to ease my daily life. Let's see the P&G products I recently got and didn't know of : 

This is detergent plus stain remover plus brighter in one small package ! Look at how cute it looks, like a jelly : 

It's so easy to use ! Just throw it on your dirty laundry and THAT'S IT. You don't even need to worry about not knowing how much detergent / stain remover / brightener to put in. Or have the dripping liquids make the containers all sticky. Just throw this jelly ball into the washer and turn on your machine :D

This is my favorite one so far. Look at how many bulky containers it replaces and how much space I could save !

And instead of using a gross dirty cloth to dust the furniture every time, I was given a bunch of dusters ! They are as magical as magic eraser. They are so static that they attract dust like Frank attracts me wtf wtf. Instead of wiping your cloth and having dust flying all over the place, with this duster, you simply need to very gently move it across surfaces and you will see it turn grey from all the dirt you can't normally see. My mom who very rarely explore new household items in western supermarkets because of her English limitation is extremely pleased with this product and has been using it ever since :D ! 

Need I introduce you the Magic Eraser ? Apparently everybody knew about Magic Eraser but me until recently. It's truly magic ! Can someone tell me exactly how it works ? It seriously cleans off EVERYTHING. From tennis marks on the wall I mentioned earlier, to stains on sneakers, to stains on expensive purses, to grease on kitchen cabinets, to seriously everything you can imagine. It has saved my life so many times before my mom could notice a dirty spot and murder me. 

I have super thick and long hair. And for this reason, I use up shampoo and conditioner like there's no tomorrow :(  I used to dye my hair like there was no tomorrow, literally, to blonde, to red, to brown, to dark black, to blonde again, and to black again. I've also permed my hair and curl it very regularly. But honestly, I think I'm pretty satisfied with my hair quality today. I've been switching between Pantene, Dove, Tsubaki, Aveda, and Herbal Essences for my hair products. You can purchase all of these, but Aveda, in super markets. They are not overly fancy hair products, reasonably priced, and they have done amazing job so far through the years. I was told that we should change the brand of shampoo from time to time to ensure healthier hair. So I've been alternating between these brands for years and years now. 

Pantene has been one of my most frequented hair brands. I tend to prefer clear shampoo because they are somehow lighter than the cream kind. My hair gets oily pretty quickly, so clear shampoos usually work better for me. Yes, I do have thick hair, but I still use this sheer volume one to add some puffiness to the top of my head. This is crucial because my hair is thick and heavy, so they tend to look rather flat if I don't use these volumizing products.

I was also given these travel sizes for men. I love how men products smell so clean and manly, haha. I will stock these in my washroom so Frank will stop using my honeyscented bodywash as bodywash AND shampoo ! Every time he finishes shower at my place, he smells like a bear that just came back from consuming a huge bee hive. I've also received an Olay body wash for myself. I haven't had the chance to use it yet because I still have a bottle of the above mentioned honey bodywash. But this Olay one also smells amazing, with a light coconut scent, already feeling so nourishing.

Because I'm the nicest person in the world (thanks to P&G's generosity) , I gave other sample boxes to my friends and family to try. P&G was also thoughtful enough to send me Chinese sample boxes with Chinese instructions of each product, so I've given those to my mom and her many new immigrant aunty friends. It's a great gift to help them quickly become more familiar with these western household items and know what's available to them so conveniently in local markets.

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