Friday, 3 April 2015

Sura - Korean Cuisine Restaurant

My mind automatically drift to Korean food when I crave for meat, lots of meat, lots of marinated meat. I've never been to SURA and was pleasantly surprised when I walked in. The interior was really nice and refreshing ! Refreshing as in you don't see this kind of design too often - I love the roll of tables in the middle separated by silky curtains. I felt like a Korean royalty sitting in there. 

Ohhhhhhhhhh okay, the picture below explains, I guess why I felt like a royalty sitting in there, because I WAS MADE TO FEEL THAT WAY. Good one Sura, good one. 

There was soooooooo much to choose from the menu and lots of amazing set lunch options !

I had no idea which to pick. This is not how a royalty should be treated. We should be presented with EVERYTHING and we just eat whatever we want, hahaha.

*Back to reality. We are of course, no kings and queens, and we had to pick our dishes and pay for our meal :( We did end up ordering a little too much for two though.

The portions are huge so be aware when you are ordering. Be extra aware when you are ordering with a hungry stomach. 

We ordered my favorite meats - beef short ribs, pork belly, and my fav. carb dish - japchae. ALL GOOD. NO WORRY. JUST ORDER. 

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  1. Can't say enough great things about this place! Our server was productive and nice. The appetizers were excellent, as were the main courses. The food at Boston restaurants is indeed as good as advertised and they had some solid beer recommendations. I can't wait to come back!

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